NPC Archers (Their Aim Bot)

Could you please fix the Aim bot of the archers. When they are “not aiming at you/looking in the wrong direction”; the arrows should not be able to hit you and yet they do. This is very irritating and annoying. (It doesn’t matter where you are in-game, it always happens) Could you please fix it and make it so that if they are aiming in the wrong direction, that their arrows go in the direction that they are actually aiming at.


Archer AI is wrong in almost every way possible. Then some genius says “hey what would make siptah super rad? archers camping up on towers lol, that is SO fun!”

Just to clarify…
Are you complaining about some immersion breaking nature of the desynchronized visuals of them looking another way? Or are you complaining that this is somehow “hard” and presents an actual gameplay issue?


Welcome to the Forum. Archer’s AI is not very smart wish it was better. @2005Guyver02

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I’m not the OP, but I’d say both.

Dodging arrows requires rather precise timing. It’s hard to time the dodge when the enemy archer is facing a wall and walking towards it, his back towards you.

It also looks idiotic when they shoot arrows out of their butt.


Dodging arrows is not it, that’s easy as pie (When they are aiming at you); it’s the fact that the AI is aiming in the opposite direction, the arrow fly’s through them and into you/the player when they were pulling back on the bow and not aiming at you/your direction and always get a 100% accuracy shot when they do this. It’s like watching a Cheater in one of Comomo_10’s videos!

You’re likely seeing this because the server you are on needs a reboot.

I think the Archer AI is smart enough. It could use a log function on precision while levels are gained.

Something else?

As Xevyr already hinted towards, this is a visual desync issue. A small amount of lag between the server and client can have the archer facing you on the server while you (the client) see them facing away.

I don’t think this is really “fixable” because it is not a bug, it is a consequence of data transfers being limited by technology and physics.

Last time I suggested this, I got dogpiled, but fortunately I don’t care and will suggest it again. I think bows should have a small amount of randomized inaccuracy added in that is reduced by the user’s Agility stat (perhaps up to 1.5° with at worst with 0 Agility). This would make laser-precision shots from AI less mechanical and gamey (and less predictable - oh, the horror :scream:).

Edit: I thought of a possible fix for the visual desync. If archer NPCs had an aim delay, perhaps of a half to full-second, where they had to stare at their target for that delay before they could shoot, it should cause enough time to pass for the server and client to sync up so there would be no butt-arrows. This would be good anyway, because only some kind of trick-shooter would be able to hone in on their target and release the arrow without taking a moment to focus.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like this suggestion because it effectively nerfs a thrall that is already at the bottom of the barrel.

If anything, archers should have the delay between shots removed. Right now they walk around, take aim, and then fire. On every shot. This lowers their DPS dramatically and is one of the main reasons I do not use Archer thralls pretty much at all except to poke at people in PVP.

Right now the only use for archers is the occasional heal they knock off an opponent, sometimes they knock someone off a wall they are climbing, and their shots if you’re close enough will alarm you to intruders. That’s about it.

Using them for added DPS like any other pet or thrall of the fighter type just doesn’t work. Like I expect a ranged character to do somewhat less DPS than melee as a consequence of being ranged. But not like what we have. That’s a bit too much.

Making it lower by increasing the delay between shots isn’t a solution here. Also I don’t believe the issue would be fixed without increasing load on the server (potentially in a bad way). The desynch is caused by the client seeing something ‘in the past’ so to speak. This would need more updates between the server and client.

I just don’t see any benefit of this when a simple restart of the server (which when this issue crops up, the server needs it badly for other more important reasons) will fix the issue. The same issue is what causes the NPCs to warp around and attack air.

To put it shortly, restart that server every few days. Consider daily for more popular servers.

I wished archers just didn’t default to stone arrows… Fighter thralls dont default to stone weapons.

Different types of archers shud have different default arrows. Dafarai should use stone. Vanir should use hardened steel arrows by default, Volcano Thralls should use Obsidian etc

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Awesome :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Yes i agree, with the op, it’s wrong and hilarious, it needs fixing!

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Then make archery better. Archery sucking is a different issue that should be addressed. Letting thralls be aim-bots because changing that would open the curtains on another problem doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

I have an idea :rofl:

Dress them up in these! Problem solved!


I am playing Single Player and the NPC shot me from their back.
There must be lag between my PC(server) and my PC(client).

I thought placing both my server and my client on the same disk on the same PC could help to resolve this issue :thinking: But apparently this “lag” is a built in feature :grin:

Noooo, poor cannibals are already useless enough, should we really make them suffer even more?
Any Archer I should default to stone arrows, Archer II to ironhead and Archer III - to hardened steel arrows. And T4 Archers should use high tier arrows depending on their faction - Darfary can use Hollowbone, Heirs of the North - black ice arrows, Black Hand pirates - serpent man etc.

Disagree with default arrow types based on tier or race. Instead, there could be Quivers/Arrow Racks that function similar to how Thrall Pots provide food, but for arrows. Any Combat Thralls that can equip a bow that is within range of the Arrow Rack can use arrows (if any left) stored in there.

They could look like an actual rack visually with arrows displayed if any present, or something as simple as a patch of mulch or dirt with arrows stuck head down into it, for an ‘open battlefield’ look.

" [Taemien]
You’re likely seeing this because the server you are on needs a reboot."

This happens on single player as well. they look at you, turn to the side, fire and the arrow does not fly to the side, but instead flys to you (The Player) and always hits!

I would prefer if archers didn’t use up arrows at all. Their weapons and armor don’t lose durability, so it would only be consistent if you didn’t have to supply them with ammo either.

No. Archers spawning in magic arrows is ridiculous.

I would rather they remove the infinite flinthead arrows than make all arrows infinite.

I would rather thrall armor take damage than give thralls infinite ammo.

Or, just leave it the way it is, because it is an acceptable compromise.