NPC building removal

Is there a way to remove npc buildings in creative mode on console? It feels like every decent building location has a NPC base of some kind that prevents me from building the ultimate base in creative mode, they always seem to be set up in the best spots. If not I would love to see that added to the game.

No as they’re not buildings but actual static meshes part of the map, so a feature like that can’t actually be added even if they wanted to, unless they change all NPC buildings to… actual buildings… which would ofc severely impact performance.
The way to remove them is my making a map mod, which you ofc wouldn’t be able to use on console.

However there are plenty of good spots, you just have to look around and the fact that you have NPC settlements nearby is only good as it means a good supply of thralls.
For example a popular spot is the oasis area in B7/8 as you literally have everything nearby… there’s even an island surrounded by water which is perfect for a castle, but there are various other similar spots.

You can go to the server settings and turn option “build everywhere” ON. After that you will be able to place your structures above the NPC-s homes)
For example, there are many ruins on Siptah, occupied by undead. I used some of it to build my own Castles.

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Ah perfect I had not thought of that, thank you.

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NPC buildings used to be actual buildings back in the early days, but they were changed to static meshes because of said performance impact.

I remember blowing up Black Hand tents with a trebuchet. Good times. (The pirates may not agree about the goodness of those times.)

Yea some of them were! :stuck_out_tongue: I do remember hitting the darfari palisades with weapons to destroy them :joy:

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