NPC clothing items as player items - Suggestions

Could we get this cloak modeled for female toons. Males can get it from guild citys but it is not available to females.


What cloak is that? and what npc sells it?

It’s sold by one of the NPCs in the guild tradepost building on the upper floor. There is a certain renown rank required to get this NPC though.

It was the leatherworker in the guild city trader. Thanks. Cool cloak

This isnt an NPC outfit but I think many people would like a certain dress brought back

Tamara’s Sacrificial Gown


I would rather wish that the Khitai armor sets could be gained as social armor. It’s almost impossible to grind the full sets, especially with new Saga. So please FUNCOM, I really want to complete my Wolf set.

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A complete noobish question from me, since Ive not been into transmogs or clothing in any game Ive played, but I realise the popularity;

How streamlined/easy is clothing/transmog in AOC vs for example WOW?
Its also part of achivement points/Can be easily tracked by default game system or the addon All The Things.
I sometimes watch Asmongold/WOW streamer, and his main focus is pets, mounts and transmogs. Its also one of the most/the most popular stream for WOW, but that probably has to do with his hyper personality. That aside, its obvious that clothing IS an extremely popular side to MMOs.

Vanity stuff has nothing to do with achievements but pets and mounts do (there is a tab in the achievement window).
The reason I made this thread is fairly simple: I like being able to customzie my characters in every detail to make them look unique and different from not only other player characters but also my own characters. I also try to go for “themes” when creating a vanity set for my characters, just a few examples: my Barbarian looks very similar to the Diablo 2 Amazon, my DT got the typical “evil knight armor” in all black with lots of black leather and a huge black feathery cloak and my ToS got egyptian Pharaoh-like sets.
The vanity system got introduced in 2011 and it was a pure blessing in my opinion because before we got that, almost everyone ran around in the same armor sets, raids could look like a big clone army.
More vanity items means there are even more cuatomization options, especially with the many armor slots that AoC got. You got 8 slots where you can put alomst any item - there are lots of combinations that create great looks and I just love it when people make their character look interesting and unique.
Also, I got a little bit of an “RP-background” since I was doing lots of RP a few years ago and great vanity sets can help make it all a lot more fun and interesting - imagine you want to make a movie, making your actors look believable is a very important task and you can easily achieve that if you got awesome costumes :wink:


Just found doing Destiny quest in Saga of Blood. He’s the guard inside the Strom’s Keep warning Strom about Mithrelle plans before your escape (mage archetype quest “The Awakening III”). I don’t play soldiers so I can’t be sure, but this outfit or part of this outfit seems not in game for toons

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It’s true, these items are not available for players. It seems like this armor is a very old “relic” from beta (and before) times since you can frequently see it there (in videos), also the visual quality makes it look like that.
There are some more NPCs with these items, in the guild city there is one wearing the helmet for example.

The closest item resembling the helmet could be the argossean culture set (for PoM) or the vanity equivalent from the gilding token vendor, however, they got a more “basic” style to them, they don’t have as many details going on and look more simple.

The dress (the chest in particular, quite beautiful) of one of those trapped in the Dunes of Amenthes (Dragon Spine)

This set is actually available for players, though only for one class, the bear shaman. It’s the PvP T1 set.
Would be great to have these as vanity sets available for all classes too (For my BS I went through the struggle of getting to PvP level 4 just for the sake of vanity), just like the PvP T2 vanity sets on the saga server right now!

The cloak worn by the scarlet circle faction heralds . Not the ones in demo/necro armor the ones in the HoX/ToS armor…and abolish the class armor type vanity restrictions …us mages got the short end of the stick. Tanks can wear everything! But mages can only wear cloth !!!

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One feature that might be nice is any armor have a perm ability to be change to vanity… This is a one-way transaction that would allow clothies to wear plate as vanity and all the stats be removed/disabled.


Yes an armor conversion system would be incredible awesome but I doubt that something like that will ever happen.

This top would be cool to have in game


Did any of this go anywhere? Is this forum useless?

No, it didn’t go anywhere sadly. Nothing has been done in regards of these items. The developer who showed interest in this idea isnt even at Funcom anymore as far as I know.

If they decide to add shards to dungeons it would be a nice addition to have vanity packs with both sets and weapons added to the vendor for atlantean shards

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Yes that would be really great but I guess we’ll sadly have to face reality and accept the fact that Funcom isn’t going to do anything in that regard.