NPC clothing items as player items - Suggestions


Yes, this is a great set for women and men, many of my original characters still wear it as their regular kit. The Belt is maybe the best in the game.

However, it should return as a Cloth or Social armor set. The original Mithrelle dropped are Light Armor is inaccessible to Clothies.


Please create a bigger bag than max inventory (max is currently 216), bank (max is currently 300), & a couple more tabs to place the new vanity armour (pvp gear tab/pve gear tabs). I’d pay money for all of this.


The jacket of Alyssa (Thirsty Dog Inn, Tortage).
Not sure if the item (or a variant) is already avalaible in game from quests or drops. I think not, but anyway not as vanity.


So, roughly one month has passed and I wanted to ask: what do you think? From the amount of likes I can see that especially the outfits in post 2 and post 4 are wanted. Will it be possible to make these outfits somehow available in game for players (pls no real money paywall ^^)? Or do you think there are not enough votes?


Something to help this kind of situation ‘I can’t wear it because it’s not for my class’ would be to do like DDO does.

DDO sells in their ingame store an item called a ‘Mirror of Glamming’. With it you can make a cosmetic copy of any type of ingame item. Have a Demo, but really like the look of that Full Plate Armor piece? No problem, make a cosmetic copy of it and wear it to your hearts content.

This would also give a return for Funcom having to create the Mirror in the form of hard cash by selling it in the store.


I have never seen such a cloak . I would like to have such a cloak in the collection.


Aren’t Mithrelle’s bracers still available as part of the Skyshear set?


I was not aware of these, BUT getting any of those sets from onyx is terribly over complicated. There was no real good reason to take them out of mithrelles loot table in the first place.


I’ll try to get some time to look at some of these this month. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your response! :smiley:


Could we get this cloak modeled for female toons. Males can get it from guild citys but it is not available to females.


What cloak is that? and what npc sells it?


It’s sold by one of the NPCs in the guild tradepost building on the upper floor. There is a certain renown rank required to get this NPC though.


It was the leatherworker in the guild city trader. Thanks. Cool cloak


This isnt an NPC outfit but I think many people would like a certain dress brought back

Tamara’s Sacrificial Gown