NPC get nocked out do not get back up

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Knock out npc
    2.wait the body move around in game world but they do not stand back up.
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I’ve noticed this since I started playing the game, shortly after official release. Thralls eventually do get back up after being knocked unconscious, but it takes a really really long time. I’ve seen them back up after 2 days or so on my private server, and they still remember that they don’t like you and attack, so its clearly the same NPC, not a respawn. Anyhow, my best guess is the server setting is not in “seconds” like it proclaims. I haven’t played around with it to see exactly what it is, but its way longer than it indicates.

So out of curiosity I did some testing on my private server, and it seems like the “UnconsciousTimeSeconds=” Setting does seem to set recovery time in seconds for NPCs that you knock out. I watched their blue bar regenerate on several different settings and it seems to be consistent with the setting.

The problem seems to be is for some unknown reason something can cause the timer to pause and stop regenerating. Once that happens the NPC will stay unconscious indefinitely. Also unknown, things can seem to restart said timer which will cause the NPC to eventually wake up as well.

So in short, the setting in the settings.ini file for UnconsciousTimeSeconds= does seem to correctly set the amount of time it takes to recharge the blue bar and for NPCs to wake up, but there seem to be various causes that can pause the bar during regeneration, and also restart it. I don’t have any idea thus far what might cause these pauses and restarts. It could be related to player proximity, similarly to how NPCs won’t fight each other, or regain health, unless a real player character is within a certain range.

thing i seen was that the bodys lay on ground and start sliding around moving and attack things while on the ground laying there so the timmer is up there just not getting up

I am not sure if this could be related to same issue.

all these issues have to do with thralls and NPC there abilty to interact with player and the world around them whole system of AI seems to be bugged or not working correctly- the longer you play or server is up more often these things happen for example when server was restarted fresh no issues and as time went on bugs started appear after month and half, bugs happen more and more.

I have been playing on a private server recently and found that any thralls I knockout and leave are still yling there the next day. What settings could be affecting this?

the setting called bug that needs developer fix

thanks for the useless comment

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