Npc kill you with one hit if you're climbing

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe
Hardware: Xbox one S

Bug Description:

When you’re climbing and an npc (human or animal) hits you with its attack, it doesn’t matter how much life you have. Kills you instantly.

Expected Behavior:

Fall, or stop climbing. Don’t die instantly.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Climb near an unfriendly npc and take a hit from him.

even in real life something similar will happen! that is why its crucial to kill ranged warriors before u attempt to climb…

i like this short of realism… why u think its a bug?


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You stated you are playing on an online private server. Are you the server admin? Is it possible that the server has increased the NPC damage multiplier?

To check this go to;

In Game Menu > Settings > Server Settings > Combat > NPC Damage Multiplier

Default values should be set to 1.


You listed private…do you mean single player or private server. If private server, the owner may have dmg turned up.
Also how far did you fall after being hit?
Depending on what armor and your HP, it could be possible the npc had enough dmg to kill in one shot. Try to duplicate and see if it happens again, or it was a one off bug.
I have not had this happen, and if you were not very high up, then it is a bug since it doesn’t seem to be all players having the issue.

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Let’s see, I have contemplated all the possibilities that you have suggested. But believe me, that’s not what I mean. I don’t mean npc Rangers, but melee fighters. Even animals like dogs or wolves, by hit ,I mean that. A melee hit.

Regarding the server settings, everything is normal, there is no boost to attack or damage received, so I think it is a bug. The height is indifferent, because I have been killed by a dog from the shore of the island of Siptah in one blow with heavy perfect dragon armor and my entire life.At the height of a normal wall. And it is not the first time that happens to me. In a camp a T1 blacksmith did the same to me. It is not the fall that kills you.

That’s why I say it must be a failure. Because since the first day the game came out on Xbox I have been playing and it has only started to happen now. Before when they reached you, you stopped climbing and fell, It wasn’t an instant kill haha


Because this is a game. That’s why it’s a bug.

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okay, that clears up my questions. Yeah, this would seem to be a bug if melee is one shooting only while you are climbing. I haven’t had that happen, and have rarely heard of it. I might try and replicate. Where was this at again map wise?

I wasn’t able to replicate this in tests on singleplayer or on an official server.

It must either be the private server or possibly Xbox (I’m on PC).

You should try to set up the exact circumstanced where you have seen this occur in a singleplayer or official game to see if it makes a difference.

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I can’t get on right now, but hopefully tonight I can find some time to play. I’ll make sure to test this out on my Xbox to see if I can duplicate when I get the chance

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go in single , enter god mode… bug solved…

I tried quite a bit and could not replicate this on my series X. I’m on a private server

I tried with mostly human enemies, but also crocs. I didn’t want to go too far from home just in case it worked.

I tested on a cliff and on the side of a player built structures. Tested against humans using one handed swords, sword/shield, mace, bow, and pike and never took any extra damage.

I do have cat like reflexes, but I don’t imagine that should make a difference in this particular case.

Did you try different areas? It might be location specific. Also was it nonaligned NPCs or player owned NPCs or both?

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Also, does this private server run any mods? It might be a mod-specific bug.

No mods on consoles.

Right. Forgot while trying to think of what could be missing.

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So if someone wants to play multiplayer, they have to understand that in reality that stuffs happens?

I mean in reality there is a lot of stuff that would have happend that doesnt in the game. For an example, u dont have a health bar in real life, not either a stamina bar. And if someone got shot or hit by any weapon they would most likely not be able to keep on fighting back. But that’s real life, not game life.

No but i would guess that when u come to play a survival game, then u do not seek comfort, but elements that r really inside the “reality” factor should be wanted. I like the fact that u cannot just open inventory when u have enemies around and that u need to think and adapt to stuff like these … So i do not consider it a bug at all…

It’s a change in behavior that wasn’t in the patch notes. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal to assume it’s a bug. All this discussion about whether it’s realistic is completely off-topic in a bug report like this.


Did anybody mention that you have to breach over the apex of anything you climb, twice? Game kicks you off everything as you mantle over the pinnacle of the object. Every object. Climbing lag. Everything on xbox lags now.

You are bumping a 5-month old topic for an unrelated issue…


Its about climbimg. Both things are bugs. Both occur on xbox.

Unrelated? Apperently.