NPC Logic... dead?

Is every official server experiencing this? or is Official 1738 just lucky.

The npcs take -forever- to react to engagement, if they do at all. Thralls and enemies alike.

You can stand in front of the red dragon and punch her to death if you so please. Nothing reacts.

This has been happening on and off (mostly on) since the chapter release.

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When this happens the server needs a restart. This will fix the issue until it needs another. Every server needs to be restarted around every 4 days. Some need to be done more often. And the oldest servers need it daily. If they need more than that, then there’s something in the database that needs to be cleaned up or they need to wipe.

This seems to be happening a lot at high altitudes lately. Something got messed up in the last couple of updates. I haven’t seen it happen to the red dragon like you mentioned, but if what Taemien said is right and a server restart cleans it up for a while, then it’s logical that I probably wouldn’t. Being on single player, my server basically gets restarted every time I leave the game. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Come to think of it though, I do remember thinking the NPCs seemed “sluggish” in one of my more recent sessions, and I wasn’t up in the mountains at the time.

I’m not on PC, but it seems as soon as the server population hits upwards of 15+ people the AI hits the fan. Followers will not follow, Bosses run into the walls, et cetera.

I experience similar problems too on the 3 EU pve servers I play on(EL 1013, Siptah 6455, EL 1046).
Just trying to log in to an official server can be problematic because ping is often in the range of 200-400, however it seems to settle below 100 after a few tries.

  • Thralls and npc sometimes do not react and just stay there like statues for some time.
  • Pathing of followers and also npc’s is sometimes weird where they run in unexpected direction.
  • followers on defend me deciding to put away their weapons and only fist fight.
  • Followers deciding to just stand still and take a beating without fighting back or even draw a weapon for a long time.
  • npc’s sometimes teleporting around.
  • Followers and objects can be hard to place, it may be more of a problem in high altitudes, but it definitely also happens in low places.
  • Stuttering and sometimes freezing for several seconds and when it becomes responsive again I am far from where I was initially.

From my experience it is not just a Age of War thing although it got quite a lot worse, but it escalated right from Age of Sorcery.
I think some of the problems can be a problem in the game code, but also servers seems to make problems worse, testing in singleplayer or on a good clean private server then most of the problems are much less serious but can still happen :slight_smile:

Conan’s engine was already being pushed to its limits in AoS. With the new purges and map events, things are only going to get worse.

This happens on occasion, though I had it more frequently prior to the last patch. There were like 15-20 minute stints where no thralls or npcs would do anything. Now, as it has been for some time, I’ll see the occasional boss do nothing. I just say “meh” and beat the heck out of it. Usually it happens when I’m trying to farm for stuff anyway, so I take it as a blessing and move on.

This happens on PC as well. Its not limited to platform. With a bit more optimized server configuration you can push this to around 45-50 in some cases.

With their current configurations, Funcom should consider dropping server limits to 10-20. 10 being ideal, but no more than 20. Though that would make the partner company that hosts the server look bad and hurt the advertising strategy that those servers are used for.

But when you play on what is effectively a digital billboard to sell servers, that’s kind of par for the course.

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