NPC no longer appear

Near my base there were many hyenas and a field of enemies (Exiles Camp 14).
At some point (after I killed them many times) they no longer appear.
Does anyone know why?

Did ur base got closer to camp?

Yes, but they started to disappear when I made a wall and I put 4 guard hyenas.

U probably placed the wall to close to the spawn point. Placing buildings de spawns /stop the spawn of npcs,resources etc… remove the wall/foundation near em and they should appear within 15 mins

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no my base and two levels below. Look on the map where I am. I made the base on the river bank. even hyenas, deer no longer appear.

right now there is the update to version 1.41. maybe it was a bug. then I’ll tell you.

I had this happen a couple of days ago, with the Crocodile world boss at F8. Have been farming legendary’s from him for a while now. Couple of days ago I killed him, and he has not re-spawned yet.

and returned everything as before. I did “restore original server data” in the settings. thank you all.
Someone can tell me a great server to play with friends … I am Italian.

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