Npc opened my door and went inside

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Game mode: 1008 pve server
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Have a base east of Black Galleon
Repro steps:

  1. I was chased by a spearmen
    2.i ran inside my house closed the door. Then the spearman opened the door, went inside and killed me. happened 2 times. Boxes cant be locked either

I’m sorry but that made me laugh. Might need some guards at the door.


made me laugh too…
By the way, it seems a bit weird,i have never seen an NPC open any of my doors but i definitely saw some walking inside my base when i was gathering stuff and had no door yet.

Yeah. i laughed too :slight_smile: had only a stone spear atm. He was tier 3. he was hitting trough the walls beside the door first, then the door opened up and he came in

Hehe, I only saw my thralls close the door behind him when he enters the base again but a npc opening a door haven’t encountered yet. And Boxes/benches etc are locked on default, we tried it out :slight_smile:

If it works the way you describe it is hilarious :rofl:

OMG, That’s so funny! :joy:
Sounded like a scary movie… “The Lock Picking Spearman”!
Now if you don’t own it you can’t interact with it. Game over for the window shoppers!!!

next patch
new npc
thieves that pick locks and scale walls to steal from your chests
Assassins that sneak in and try to murder you while you are sleeping.
hobos that move into your unattended bases and set up camp and consume all your food.