NPC’s one-shotting me with default server values

Game mode: Online
Probleblem: Misc
Region: Americas

I got a new dedicated server last night on PS4 from G-Portal. I left nearly all settings on the default values.

Player Damage Taken was at 1.0
Enemy Damage Modifier was at 1.0

With those settings, the very first imp I found killed me in a single hit. I was probably level 3 or 4 at the time and wearing linen clothes. Leveled up a bit more and shalebacks were also one-shotting me.

I had to turn those values down to like 0.5 to survive combat.

Has anyone else come across this? Why were enemies doing so much damage with the default combat values all set at 1.0?

There are two values missing when you scroll down the server basic settings list, you’ll see two empty boxes type in 1.000000 in each box, save it relaunch, that’ll fix the issue. It worked for us.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Can you please clarify your response? Are you talking about the settings list on G-Portal’s website, or are you talking about on the in-game server settings interface?

Also, do you know what the name of the two empty values are?

Im going to have to try that tonight aswell.
We brought nocdamagemultiplier down to 0,1 and still get one shotted.

It’s in the G-Portal basic settings. I can’t look at the moment as we are in the server, will post the name later. They have empty value boxes.