NPC's and enemies life readjusting too quickly

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: Western Europe

For a few days now, all the NPC’s and enemies just have a tendency to regain their lives up to 100% in a second.
For example : a 4k enemy, three hits, his life gets down to 75%, and in three seconds, his life is up to 100% again if you don’t hit him in the meanwhile.
The server is not heavily modded (Age of Calamitous, Emberlight, IQoL, DMT, LBPR, Pippi). But huge monsters cannot be killed because of this bug.
All the players on the server seem to experience the same bug. I wasn’t able to find a solution to that.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Try to kill a monster
  2. Stop hitting it
  3. See him regaining life
  4. Profit

I agree I try’d to kill a tiger by Bow and Arrow . He went back up in health quicker than I could kill him

I’vre read that the bow and arrow was kind of a problem, but I’m having this problem with swords, axes as well. Yesterday I tried to kill a 8k shaleback. After 10 hits and not a move in its lifebar, I started really getting bored and worried…

I have to agree. The healing effect is to fast especially for bosses. Nevertheless I like the leash technique they introduced and also the new Aggro reactions of the NPCs

I like the aggro system way much than it used to be, I agree on that point. I created a server that was intending to make the PvE a lot more challenging, including the creation of huge bosses and with this healing problem, some parts of the game is starting to become quite unplayable…

Ignasis replied on another post about not being able to kill the Red Mother dragon that this was added to prevent players from “cheesing” the game…lmao!!!

Would you be so kind as to point me to that post please and thank you Huntsmanlance?

There you are !

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Yeah, same problem.

It is so nicccce to see that not only myself got crazy about this leash mechanic.

I just wonder is it really enjoyable to force others quit an accpetable playing style?

Guys, do you have a private server ? I kind of solved the problem by checking EVERY options on my GPortal server. Which means I made some slight changes then came back to my originals settings. After the server rebooted, the healing was somehow back to normal, unless you lose the aggro. If so, the NPC regenerates real quick to full life, but I was able to kill 8k beasts and NPCs using swords, axes or bows. I tried on the Red Mother too, and I didn’t encounter problems.
I don’t know if it’s going to work for you but it’s worth trying I think.

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This is the key. It is intentional now for NPC’s to stop chasing if you are trying to kite it and cheese its poor AI. If you leave to far from their spawn point, and aren’t active enough with it, then it will return and heal. This actually will affect people who would kite bosses to other players bases on PVE, as well as “hiding” thralls by pulling them away and trapping them in a 2x2 so no one could farm the spawn point. Server resets were the only way it would return. Think of it as a soft reset of server if you try to cheese a NPC :slight_smile:

My server reboots twice a day, and it did not solve the problem until I switch some changes. I thought of it as a soft reboot as well. Now it may be working, we’ll see day by day.
As for the new aggro system, I love the way you have to really battle now, Conan is meant to be difficult and not just a sniping game. But, and I’m a bit of the devil’s advocate here : it’s not that new… back to 2008, in Age of Conan, this system was in use already… One step ahead, three steps backward.
And it does not explain the enemies TPing to their spawn point when losing the aggro, it could have been a lot smoother from my viewpoint.

Hey there,

There’s a difference between “not being able to kill” an enemy, and not being able to kite infinitely. We added the leash mechanic to address situation 2, and for other unintended uses as @WhatMightHaveBeen points out.

We addressed a similar issue during Testlive. If they still teleport please let us know so our team can look into it.

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Hey Ignasis,
Thanks for your answer. I must add a small precision here. I’m not really into kiting the enemies and I’d rather play with a sword or daggers. Eventually, what I was pointing was I was unable to kill NPC or monsters that were over 4k because of a slight bug that consisted in their healing being constantly dragged to 100% even if you were standing in the aggro area and/or close combat.
It was after I made some changes on my server that it went back to normal and thus thought it was a problem inherent to my own server, I pointed it in one of my answers as a starting point of a reflexion.
As for the teleporting, it still occurs today.
I hope my answer brings a different light on what we met on the server, and if not, well, I’ll try to explain it differently, but English is not my mother tongue so I may not be clear at all times…

This is kinda similar to the original behavior when the NPC just stop running after you because of obstacle or changed its mind or whatever reason, and you left its spawn point going out of its rendering distance the enemy teleported back and had full HP, basically the game just resetted that place.

What , this will actually will affect people who kite bosses. Really never kited a boss in my life but this does not affect people who kite bosses this actually affect anyone who need a few seconds to heal who walks around and normally the boss would follow you and you could heal, now you heal they go back to starting area and you lost more time to fight it again to get its health back down, if its design its horrible design and makes it so you spend hours wasted chasing around bosses that just gain their health back over and over again. I do not cheese npc I want a fair fight though not them healing for hours while I chase them down and try to wear them down. Changing how you deal with bosses in the middle of year 3 lol bad game design, all for them fixing A.I. but these are not fixes. They are just ways for it to take longer and longer to get though a ruin with many bosses.

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There is also a different between moving out of range to heal and Kiting too and just moving out of range to heal does the same thing making it a system the makes it so solo bosses are worst then ever and take hours solo to kill now. Far as I can tell they are on a string of about 3 foundation, hardly far enough to fight like the red dragon she is on top of you in 3 foundations you need to move to heal out of her AOE or she will kill you while you are healing. This really is the new design you find works best as for single player this just makes it unplayable.


I meant when a thrall returns to its spawn point do to being out of its area or not being engaged by player. And server resets fix spawn points. Meaning, that everything is reset to its original spawn point when a server resets, no matter where it is on the map. And any empty spawns (materials, thralls, etc.) are reset as well.

then yes, if a NPC is resetting while you are engaged and in the aggro area, then it is a bug.