Npcs and loot boxes not dropping bows

None of the npcs or any non legendary boxes are dropping any bows of any kind.


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The items dropped by NPCs, and found in chests, are selected by RNG. The items also come from a fairly large loot table. So its not guaranteed that you will find one.

Honestly, it will be better to craft a bow, as there is no guarantee that you will find one when needed.

Good luck.


I am not talking legendary chests which do rng bows. I am talking about normal iron chests which often drop legendary hooked sword, black tusk shield and daggers. These “normal” iron chests never never drop bows.
RNG has nothing to do with the fact that npcs and normal iron chests never drop bows. Only legendary chests do.

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its loot tables, that said I have looted a star metal bow I think off a Cimmerian before, star metal tools too but its super super rare.



Unfortunately it has everything to do with rng. Every chest/npc type is assigned to a specific loot table. When accessed, rng is used to display a selection of items.

I spawned 100 (each) darfari, cimmerian, relic hunter, and aesir archers. That was the only bow, honestly it’s just down to RNGesus.

Good luck!


It’s true. My first exceptional bows, remember (?), were mostly from npc drops in the game. Back then I didn’t knew that a carpenter lvl 3 could give you and exceptional bow in your crafting bench and it was a journey step too .
My friend @Radiken I don’t know if this reference is about now but I can always test for you as well, yet I will agree even before I do the test that it is a purely rng issue.
Just saying that both maps hide a really easy fight, just some climbing and knowledge for the place ofcurce, that you can have from day one, really low level, your first goat horn bow, which is pretty good. If you need more info about it I’ll be happy to provide.
Nonetheless I will check the soonest possible and report.

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I’ve kind of noticed this as well…

I started on a new server like a week ago. One of the Journey Steps is “shoot something with a bow”. I don’t normally use bows, so I just wait until some low level almost-broken bow would drop and use that. But then a week goes by and I have not seen a single one.

I know there is some RNG, but not that much RNG. It used to be common for me to come back with a few junk bows to throw into the dismantling bench. But now, none.

Not a big deal I guess cause these are easy-to-make low end items. But it is something I noticed.

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True, 2 days now I haven’t seen any. I am all around the map killing everything in the way but nothing. I promised to @Radiken to search and I am reaching to the same outcome as he said. Especially the noob river and the darfari villages used to drop bows. Like you @Caffeine I don’t really have an issue about it, since the exceptional and flawless form is lost, there is no actual reason for drop, it costs humiliating resources to fix one, but maybe it’s a bug worth to be reported. Tomorrow I will search all the east side, but from what I’ve seen I do not believe that it will change something.

I should also say that I am trying to play using no feats at all. I had to buy the basic archer feat because as a dedicated archer I use more arrows than npcs and loot boxes drop. And yes I did get the goat horn bow. I also “cheated” and bought an archer mercenary for 100 gold and took that bow. The only way I could get a fairly decent one at under level 20.

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What difficulty???
Love it.
I can see it working in civil difficulty single player.
Still I would always had the mission impossible exiting the Skelos well. I would have to change the respawn timers for npcs to one hour at least.
I don’t see “cheating” when you use feats that you earned on your way.
I can’t build, I can’t have a bedroll, I can’t teleport, I can’t have a mount, I can’t cook, I can’t fix a water skin, I can’t have a decent thrall, but not using all the feats I managed to earn in my way is too much, isn’t it?
I know it’s an off topic conversation here, but please give me some love here, I want to know more of this thought. I already created a plan in my mind how this can be done and I find it really interesting.

First of all happy Easter. I am orthodox so my Easter is next Sunday.

The only thing I used so far is weak aloe extract, but not through battle, I just didn’t want to wait 5 minutes to restore my hp by eating eggs :rofl:.
And I repaired once my fiber torch, but I didn’t fix it, I loot it.
Next stop Den, cross fingers for a good sword or pair of daggers on the Neebs chest. Other than that Den is a fabulous lvl up point.
Can I craft bedroll or not?

Edit 2

Thank you for this beautiful Sunday. Tomorrow I will try it on an official, it can be done, now I have the route.

I can only craft what I have at game start. That includes stone tools and bedrolls. No cooking, no melee, and basic archery for the arrows, I don’t craft the basic bow. My set up is private server with no armor/weapon degrade, shortened nights. Everything else is vanilla difficulty. I gather/loot or buy my food. I use the Mitra and other worship places for storage. I also have the teleportation, cheaper arrows, LTs compass, Dismember me not and Valhalla V2 Archery mods. Mitra gives me ambrosia. Permadeath rules. So far the highest level I have achieved is level 32.

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I am third day on an official server. The only thing I fixed so far is weak aloe potions and fiber wraps, nothing else. I am level 55 and if my son will give me the Playstation :rofl::rofl::rofl:, I’ll be 60 in an hour. Don’t focus on archery. Archery in this game is a late game build. The arrows that really do damage are the quivering, the holobone, the obsidian, the star metal, the dragon bone, the explosive, the acid, etc… All these arrows are late game, so depending in the rest will take you lvl 60 really late, extremely late actually. However I will respect your choise here and I will promise you that one day, maybe, I will try to do something like that, however, not to be able to craft arrows how exactly will I finish the game?
So if I’ll take the archery challenge, it has to be the Legolas style, meaning, bow and daggers allowed only, this way I can do it without crafting.

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