NPCs More Aggressive, Phasing In/Out

I am playing on the Official Server Testlive PVP. Character name Shae. I noticed today compared with yesterday that the NPCs are much more aggressive, do more damage, and are phasing in and out. For example, I knocked out the alchemist Gilum Asras Chosen at 14:20MST Nov 8, 2019 and when I knocked him out I had 20 bleeds on me. While I was in the process of knocking him out he was phasing in and out, one second I would see him, he would disappear, and the next he was right in front of my face attacking me or they are flying. When they are chasing you, they are much faster and chase you forever. Even the t1/2 NPCs are more aggressive and do more damage compared with yesterday. I have been running that cave frequently the last few days and never died until today. I have died in there several times today.

Later that day, I picked up a wolf cub, but had to sprint in order to keep up with it. The cub was moving double time as I tried to capture it. Usually they move at a slower pace with their usual sharp turns making it difficult to capture.

I am a level 43, but using a cimmeran battle axe I wasn’t doing a whole lot of damage to wolves and other NPCs when fighting coming close to death. My greater lion also took much more damage than usual taking his health from 8K to approx 5k just fighting normal NPCs. In the past, these guys barely put a dent in a greater pets’ health.

Sounds like the server might need a restart.

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