NPCs Noclipping through terrain

Game mode: Singleplayer
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Singleplayer
Region: Europe

I’ve fond a spot on the map where NPCs are capable of noclipping trough a spot of terrain. This ocurred to me, as I were building my base under the assumption, that the defense that I’ve constructed would keep off the bears and deer that spawn closeby. I was wrong.
After further investigation in the case of a missing thrall I ticked “Ghost” on the admin panel and found my thrall standing inside a rock formation. Then I tried to recreate the situation by attacking a closeby bear.
Said bear went straight through the magic piece of landscape and attacked me, as my thralls went to the same rock to fight the bear.

  1. Build a wall at the chokepoint (I would provide pictures, but I’ve just registered. It is at the cliffs over the Shattered Basin, where the northern biome transides to the savannah biome.).
  2. Attack a closeby animal by poking it with sharp, pointy objects from a reasonable distance.
  3. Lure that animal to said chokepoint and move behind your constucted solid cover.
  4. Fight for your life as the understandably angry critter tries to turn your inside out after it ignored your masonry. You also might witness that thralls start to play by the same rules as said animal.
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