NPC's running out of combat

Since the new follower system NPC’s are constantly running out of combat and healing up really quickly. I am at a loss at how I can still capture thralls in Sepermeru.

I still remember when they put in the coughing which was a disaster. Then they suddenly decided to mess around with the sandstorms, so now every 5 minutes there is a sandstorm of which half of them don’t even do damage. Now thralls are running out of combat. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of them messing up the game and taking weeks to fix what wasn’t even broken in te first place.

We waited from December 2019 to May 2020 for this update. What a disapointment. And all we got extra was another building set that is practically identical to the Jewel of the West.

F*ck this game. I’m out.


Since we’re in the Suggestions forum, I’d like to ask what you’re suggesting. Because to me, this looks a lot like a rant regarding some bugs and issues in the game (some of which have been fixed, some of which are new) ending up in an “I quit”, which is a type of post that the Forum Terms of Conduct lists as unwelcome.

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My suggestion would be for Funcom to stop messing around.

But I don’t care anymore, the game is broken and Funcom doesn’t give sh*t.

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