NPC's Spawning Inside Buildings

I was purged tonight and at first it went like it usually does, the enemies marched towards my base and got wrecked, doing minimal damage in the process. However on wave 3 they stopped spawning where they usually did in the wild a little bit away from my base, I became confused and spent a few minutes looking for them to no avail.

When I got back to base I noticed that my thralls were engaging targets within the walls and when I arrived the wave had been defeated. I assumed they had slipped in through a gate I left open on my way out. However on Wave 4 I was inside my third story building and enemies began spawning inside the room with a lot of them getting stuck inside objects.

I lost several storage containers and the items inside and a crafting station with a thrall. This continued for several more waves with enemies even spawning half stuck inside my sloped roof. As the fight went on I sustained major damage to the structures, lost most of the furniture I had built today, and a ton of items I worked to acquire.

This is very souring, I’ve been grinding nonstop, making sure I am online for purge defence, but what’s the point of even trying to stop it when they are just going to spawn inside my fortified location and destroy things from within? This renders every base building piece useless in terms of actual defence.

My base is on a beach near Lookout Point, just against the water with two clear pathways in and out. It is not built on a cliff or to be inaccessible to the purge in any way. Most of the Purges have spawned normally, outside the walls which are stonebrick I might add. From what I have read if the base is considered unreachable it will spawn Undead enemies inside the foundations, though every purge has been Human Exiles for me.

Am I to expect this from now on? Was this intended, and if so why?

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