NPCs stop spawning in the Vulcano region after relogging

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: South America

I’ve been playing in a dedicated server hosted locally (before the latest patch) with a friend and after building some small structures near the obelisk in the Vulcano the NPCs stop respawning after restarting; I mean: we build a bridge and they kept respawning, but the next day ALL of them in a HUGE radius were gone, EVEN the NPC that you can talk to that is with the followers around.
We restored a backup from a day before, and they appeared again, we reconstructed in the area and it happened again.
The server has several mods, I’ve tried restaring it without the mods and they don’t respawn.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Go to the vulcano area near the obelisk
  2. Construct around it (in the plain area) and the river around making bridges, etc.
  3. Logoff - Restart the server - Login again.
  4. NPCs gone.

some settings on my ServerSettings.ini:

LandClaimRadiusMultiplier=0.200000 (used to be in 1.0 but reducing it to .2 didn’t made any difference)

Edit 2: just wiped the whole db using ./ConanSandbox/Saved/ServerCleanup.bat (all the constructions in the map are gone but players keep their level):
The NPCs are back in the Vulcano, I’ve constructed again in the area, while not disconecting they keep respawning BUT when I restart the server they are all gone again, everything empty. It’s SO FRUSTRATING.

Edit 3:
New map from scratch:

  • No mods
  • No other players
  • Just built on the obelisk plain area:
    • 1 small water well over 6 wedge foundations
    • 1 greater wheel of pain
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Check your landclaimradiusmultiplyer in ServerSettings.ini

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just updated my answer with a few more details

This almost sounds like the issue I see sometimes in Single Player, except I’ve never seen the issue on a server. Have you tried running or warping from the area (a good distance away to force the area to reload), and returning?

This part is kind of “a no brainer” advice, but just in case, I would also make sure you are setting LandClaim in the right ServerSettings.ini (your server one, not your client single player saved one). You could try going even lower, to say .15.

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Thanks for your follow up! This is the “tricky” thing, I’ve tried restarting several maps trying to find the trigger of the bug, and seems that if I don’t build anything but I logoff / restart server / logon the NPCs disappear, as you mentioned going far away and coming back make them reappear BUT if I build something in the obelisk there’s no coming back, I wasn’t able to make them reappear no matter how many restarts/reload for distance, etc.

How wide of an area you talking where they don’t respawn? Like the entire volcano region or? Could you screenshot?

the closest that I found are in the center temple of the volcano, the one that has spiral stairs and a portal in the middle

ok seems that going away for around 5 mins makes them reappear, also another solution was spawning an NPC (like a trader) but wasn’t working all the time.
I’ll continue running tests with the heaviest backups that I have.

Edit: this couple of fixes seems not to work on all the cases :frowning:

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