NPCs stuck in water / New game, nudity locked (single player)

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1: At the beginning, where the first Oasis is, If I go in the water, NPCs will follow and get stuck and just swim, underwater.
You can still hear the threats as if they are behind you on land

2: Creating a character, it says “nudity - none” on this server…
Im in singleplayer, there were no other options. I had to go in to two different settings to change this.
Gameplay tab and Custom.

Bonus Bug:
3: Character created before release… (Ive waited since release to play again due to all the bugs)
the emote has an eleventh slot - that is just a blank white box. (There are only supposed to be 10.)

3b. Also, the ‘flirt’ has no sound. Infact, when flirt happens, where you learn it, its a guy sound… away… nothing.

I felt there were so many glitches, I just made a new character. :frowning:
Unfortunate, as I had a lot of time put into building bases.

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