NRC [EU] - limited raiding PvP Server, 50 slots, Wipe May 7th



Server: [EU PVP] NRC 2H3XP Raids 19-23 NoGods Wipe May 7th

You like PvP, but also have to work and can’t defend your Base 24/7? We know the feeling, search no more!

Our server settings are made for people with much, but not that much time on their hand, who still want to have some thrill while playing the game.

We strive to have a community, that has fun with the action, adrenalin and possibilities of PvP.

Increasing the size of the server is always a possibility, if there are enough people that want to play.

Important Server settings:

Harvest 2x
XP 3x
Player PvP 24/7
Raid PvP Weekday 19-23 / Weekend 18-23
No Gods/Avatars

At the moment there are no Mods.

For more information check out the Steamgroup: Noricum Conan Exiles ( /NRC_ConanExiles )