NS-Exiles PvE 10x H&XP, Modded(Kits/Warps) TONS of Custom Content!

Tired of the same old content? AoC ads some cool things and so do mods, which is why we have those things. But we have something NOBODY else does!

Our admin has created a custom system for high level players to still have a challenge in game! Its called The Heroic Character System! Level up to 300 using paragon leveling, then op-in to this new system to be able to max out your vital stats at 500!

Be come 10x stronger and decimate everything in you pat… hold on… This isn’t easy mode for Conan this is an entire new content system full of Heroic Level world bosses, heroic level dungeon bosses, custom built heroic dungeons! Hudreds of new weapons! We have spells and magick! Something Funcom has promised and failed to deliver. These aren’t your average AoC spells either!

This system was custom designed by our server owner, this isn’t a mod, its a combination of multiple mods, and Pippi scripting for a one of a kind experience no other server can offer!

This is an opt-in system meaning you don’t even have to use if you don’t want to! You can stay at 50 in all of your stats and just play regular Conan and AoC content. But if you wanna go hard mode, this is the place for you!

Server Name: NS-Exiles PvE 10x H&XP, Modded(Kits/Warps)
Location: NA / East

Fastest growing PVE Server out there! 10x, Super Casual, All play styles welcome!

Custom Features:
Opt-In No Item / Base Loss PVP
Custom Heroic Content System Designed By Our Owner!
Group World Bosses!
5 and 10 man Dungeons!
Story Driven World Quests
Currency Exchange

Max Level 300
PVE Server
Building / Casual RP / MMO Style Server
Admin Dungeons
Admin Created Quests
Arena Weekends (Boss fights for PVE players and PVP Arena
Very Active Admins
Discord for News / Updates and contact Admins for problems if the arise.
60 Day Inactivity Wipe Cycle: Not on for 60 days we remove your bases and delete your character.
Extremely Noob Friendly and Patient Admins

Full mod pack available at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1871235074
Glass Construction and More
LitMan Increased Weight
Litman Item Stack
Savage Steel
Swift Elevator
The Age of Calamitous
Unlock Plus
WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
Kerozards Paragon Leveling
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal
EEWA Admin Only Access
EEWA - Ultradimensional Feats
Dungeon Master Tools


Rules Spanish:

Rules: Portuguese

Hello, amazing to see you use my mod. I see you use both admin only and the Ultradimensional Feat Add-on. If you wish to restrict the feats from being learnable, you might not need The Ultradimensional Feat Add-on as it just adds the feat and not the weapons, they still exist in the main mod. :smiley:

Good to know! Thanks Hosav! Does the portal still exist without the Ultradimensional Feats?

Yes, that’s also the main mod. The Feat mod just adds the feat in the feat menu, nothing else. :smiley:

Awesome. Thank you

2 new custom dungeons added yesterday.

Added Rules in Spanish and Portuguese