Nube pet question

I thought about adding membership to support the game; they’re offering a pet for new members. My character (ranger) spends a lot of time sneaking around hordes in order to get in the right position for taking them down in smaller groupings. Wouldn’t having a pet alongside ruin this strategy, or do the pets get to hide when their owner does?

Thanks in advance, wish there were an easier way to search-fu old posts for answers.

Pets are invisible to mobs…unless you are in pvp

All pets except specific in-combat-pets will vanish the second you start fighting a mob.

A combat pet can ruin the mez shot of ranger if you are swapping targets since it will go wake up the mezzed target on you. You can put it on follow, but then it’s sort of pointless. The best combat pet, imo, is the yellow lotus from the Yellow Priests, since it gives you an extra stun and doesn’t go running around on you. In fact, I have all four lotus pets from the Yellow Priests, cause they are all useful in different situations. You don’t need to sub to get them… but you do need Khitai xp.