Nudity will be available?


i am a brasilian, sorry for my english (but i know you can understand)
yes, i play on pc, have the gamepass, downloaded the game and dont have the nudity option
yeah, i will bring this once more
i think that almost everyone read about somewhere, the fact that nudity is not available is not my point (this gos beyond funcom), just let players that knows where to go and change get this, if someone for any reason could possible know what to do to get this option available, please tell me, im solo player that wants to play the game with all the possible features, i have discovered how to play with mods, but to get nudity, oh my god, i tried everything, its sucks, this family friendly thing… decapitation, fine, slavery, okay, spank someone to your wills, just fantastic, BUT some nips and dongs and “pererecas”, absolutely NOT ALLOWED, this makes sense?

well, i think i"managed, took a very, unpleasant, time (really, i think it took more than 40 hours of trying), for a feature that should be enable for default, in all countries

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Welcome to the Forum. @Vredeman . I play on ps4 probably the the same on PC Requires adjustment in server and ingame settings.

for some reason the gamepass versions only has partial nudity. apparently if you by the game it unlocks it but I can’t be certain.


I know how to change the option
but is not there at all, if i start the game offline, is available, when i connect to funcom live services (which im forced to, because i wont be able to play if im not connected, even in single player) the option vanishes, like mine “morena”, so sad…
Why funcom or microsoft would do it? the game is for adults, that is clear, it makes no sense.

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Well if you really want to know, this is why.

Funcom included several nudity settings so that the game could still appeal to people who are uncomfortable with full nudity. Doesn’t matter why they would be. Everyone has the option to turn them on or off to fit their personal taste.

The reason for Microsoft’s policy dates all the way back to the early 1990s when a bunch of politicians tried to score points with “concerned parents” by holding congressional hearings on the subject of violence and other mature content in video games. During the hearings, the console manufacturers at the time made pledges not to include or at least limit such content on their platforms. The ESRB was formed in response to those hearings, mainly as a way to appease the politicians and discourage the government bureaucrats from regulating video games themselves. (It worked, thank God.) Big retailers and console manufacturers then created policies that basically say they won’t support AO rated games. Microsoft adopted the same policies when they introduced the first Xbox in 2001 and for some reason Microsoft apparently decided to use that same policy for gamepass.

Those policies persist for the most part to this very day, though there has been some progress made over the years to get them to loosen up a little bit.

i see…
i imagined that would be something like that, but still, this politicians are so ridiculous in their principles, if they could, no video games should ever be made again, but will buy cobalt from inhumane exploitation mines to supply their empty needs
anyway, thanks for sharing your knowledge, this explain a lot, i never imagined that genitals would be so catastrofic for people, it seems that i underestimated the powers of humans for finding problems
i managed to have the option available though… someday, maybe people will stop being so dramatic about this things, and let people enjoy their games in peace

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