Nuke these Thralls already

thx, I’m about to quit this game mostly because how much of a nuisance they are when trying to build

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might be hard to do…

the only solution i see is to nuke ALL deployed trhalls , otherwise how would you know which trhall are good to keep and which ones are not?

i can see massive crying when thralls dissapear.

the best approach is to make then capable of being returned to the inventory. and set a countdown for a massive kill of deployed trhalls (fighters/archers/dancers) … give it 15 day notice. so people can put them in inventory before the thralls wipe.

Most of the problematic thralls are those suspended in air. It should not be that hard to check. Thralls still in contact with the ground can be killed.

That said, where are these thralls that are so distuptive to building? My guess… You could build nearby with little to no disruption.

sadly the game thinks they are stadning in a surface. if it was easy they probably had then nuked already.

  1. Build a ramp up to the thrall.
  2. Drag a world boss up the ramp.
  3. Grab popcorn and enjoy the show.


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thx but the thralls in my way are invulnerable to any damage including world bosses. Some this works with, most not… Can’t you coders set up a decay system thralls? They are all unowned thralls on PVE servers

I think that is what they are going to do. This is the sole way I could see those thralls to be nuked.

We’re on it.
Hopefully solved in one of the next updates :slight_smile:


i think tribes have a timestamp on their last login.
If this exceeds 1 month, I think it’s safe to nuke all thralls who would respond to a valid signal of said tribe.
This can be simulated i’d imagine, cuz thralls do have a function to identify who can command it and who can’t.

I tried it again and found issues with regular mobs and bosses pathing onto ramps… they dont do it. Not sure if this is intended, I hope not npc’s and creatures should be able to go where you go.

However as I destroyed my test ramp and foundation I dismantled the very bottom foundation of the stack of three the flying thrall was standing on first. The thralls fell to the ground with the crumbling foundations. I tried this before and it didn’t work. However this time I left the area (ran back to my base a little ways away) and came back before destroying the foundations.

However a true world boss will still kick the snot out a thrall. But the thrall needs to attack the boss to get its attention.

I would even go as far to delete any character which hasnt logged in for a certain period.
I guess 30 days would be enough - though for some that might be too long, so maybe 90 days is more like it? If someone is inactive for that kind of time…

I dont know just how much inactive players clutter the servers databases, but…


If you download any of the available public legacy server save files for ARK, you’ll find that it’s 14 Gigabytes large on average. 97% of it are up to 55K player profiles, and the actual save file itself is something like 2.6 Gigabytes.

The save file has so many player profiles, it’s actually very clunky and slow to paste to a different location, let alone have a server run it.

Ok, so deleting characters after a while of inactivity seems to be a great idea then? :astonished:


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