Number of pets active?

Greetings All,
Can you have a horse and a pet active at same time?
Also is there a way display Armor and Weapons?

You can only have one following you at a time. Horses count as one.

You can unlock weapon and shield display racks in your feats, then craft them on your artisan’s bench. If you want to display armor, you can dress human followers with it.


I reeeeally want armor dummies. I think this would also solve some of the thrall issues as its not uncommon to just post a thrall to wear a suit of armor. Better than an armor dummy, give us “darfari faux taxidermy” at a darfari camp to place static thralls to wear that armor and still look human… it would even fit the motif! Could put it over with Thugra since The Summoning Place is already so loaded with goodies.

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Ok Thanks All :slightly_smiling_face:

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