Number of vaults per clan should have a limit (2? 3?)

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I am sure this topic has been discussed before.

The fact that you may use vaults as a wall for the front of your cave like castle it is just dumb. We have a player with 8 vaults stacked in a mess of T3 foundations and else. It looks terrible and gross, and it should not be the way to defend your base.

I am okay that they are hard to destroy, and should be an strategic element within the game to spot where the enemy vault’s are. Also vaults should offer the possibility to pick them up within 15 minutes of placement to adjust location, fitting and such, and NOT BEING ABLE to be destroyed afterwards. Even when cost to produce is cheap, it will add an inch of pressure before you place it, so you would think twice before placing them (well defended spot, etc).

Apologies if any grammar mistake, english is not my main language.

Looking forward to your feedback.

yes it has, search and post on one of the 4 other posts instead of making another.

vaults are broken and needs to be balanced. the notion to limit the amount would lead to a) multiboxing
b) more revenue for Funcom (what I actually like)

how to do it: I think that once a player located a vault you should assume the main base and main storage of loot. also once you cracked it the clan/player should loose most of it’s/his storing capabilities. disable “loot all” and “give all” functions from vaults.

however, limiting the amound will still make them op but potentialy would solve the spamming issue.

limit the amount to one per player and clan? make them non repairable and create a vault wreck (one week decay timer) (after dismateling or desctruction) with no vault placing zone of at least 20 foundations! nuclear disaster zones how about that?

the wrecks can be destroyed only with a god or 85 explosives, to at least give the option to place it a tthe same spot

IDK if wreck land claiming will be an issue, maybe making it individual rather than public would help with that.

i’m a PvE player and I use 5 vaults aligned next to eachother, each one representing one crafting station…

PvP players already screwed us PvE players of our orbs. Next you lot are gonna screw us our legion armor. Don’t screw us our vaults too.

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