[NY] Crimson Blades Gaming [PVE-C] [3.5x Harvest, 2x XP]

Server Currently Closed

Uncrowned Gaming Community
a.k.a. Crimson Blades Gaming

Our server uses high quality hardware and runs at 60 tick rate with no lag spikes. Max Decay time is 10 days. The server/database is kept clean to keep the server running smooth.

Harvest Rate: 3.5x
Resource Respawn Speed: 3x
XP Rate: 2.0x
Structure Damage: Disabled
Drop Inventory on Death: Disabled
Day Cycle: Long Days, Short Nights
Crafting Speed Multiplier: 0.7x

Name: Crimson Blades Gaming

Switched server to PVE-Conflict. This means PVP is enabled, but building damage is disabled.