Obelisk crafting

We need a craftable obelisk to teleport to

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When u r in survival game the word need and teleport r in contrast with each other

Just no. It would make the game too easy, and now that we have horses obelisks should be revamp to be an “server2server” teleport, similar to ark.

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This is Conan not Ark. exactly a survival game, a personal teleportation device otherwise known as an obelisk is essential to the survival aspect and plus it gives a dynamic range of the magic aspect seeing as how Conan himself is one that does not confer to Sorcery

Nope, because I don’t want people to teleport away with my loot while being raided, I should have the chance to follow them.
I was against teleport, and always will be. This ain’t minecraft.

You would still have to use the map room there’s empty slots on it

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But I get it. At least be able to drag thralls from horse back would be nice

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Oh please stop with the now we have horses crap, not everyone wants to ride a horse for some of us it is not enjoyable at all. Leave Obelish alone please and stop with we need to nerf them also.

You obviously know nothing about Conan or high Hyboria

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Could you immagine, in this picture “nah i’m just gonna teleport away” :crazy_face:

I guess you’re not understanding you would still have to teleport from a map room to the obelisk that you place somewhere like let’s see your base

Oh and Conan Traveled by horse regularly

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