Obelisk delay leaving

Since the latest patch, there is a 5 second delay at the obelisks when you get there.
Every server on both accounts is doing this.

Its bad enough that you get attacked at obelisks, now you are rooted and can not defend yourself

anyone else having this fun?

the 13,14 etc is because you have to have 15 char, well 12 seemed to get the msg across.

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its really bad on server 1941. u will rubbrband for 2 mins to get awqy from obb and now Invisable collision spots and rubberband inside base wtf is goingon and when is the fix?

Just read another post…

They are working on it

Same on our server, but its to stop exploiters so…

BTW after porting you should have a 2 min shield no damage taken. But thats probably in a dream far far away.

5 seconds? wow, I wish. I have a monster rubberbanding for almost 2 mins… And being attacked is not the only issue, what about the curse?

PSA: Stay still until the scene renders. If you start to move too early, you make yourself vulnerable to the game world, including npcs, sandstorms, fall damage and other players.

Take your hand off the keyboard or analog stick after you hit Teleport, and wait until the scene renders – almost until the first “corruption” flag comes out – you should be free to move with no issues. I have tested this with as many as 3 enemies at the Sinkhole Obelisk: with a margin of about 3-4 seconds max, I don’t take damage until I actually move. If I start to move right as I spawn, I can and do take damage, and will inevitably rubberband back and forth near the Arena precipice.

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on PS4 there’s always been a 10-30 seconds delay. :see_no_evil:

And if the corruption is to deter spawn campers, then I really wonder why they put a huge light beam over the obs when someone ports in… :upside_down_face:

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