Oblivion PVP [Xbox One] - Looking 4 Admins/Players

Discord Server Link: https ://discord.gg/ HkRTZkq

Looking for new players and potential admins to help run a new server me and my friends started. Current rules are minimal and lax: no exploits/griefing. Since we just started the server yesterday, we’re still fleshing things out. We plan to have an interactive community on the server in which there will be server events, a sort of trading system/admin shop involving gold coins, clan wars/server raids, etc. So far things look smooth, server is slowly getting new blood, but we could always use new players to fill it up to 40 and perhaps find admins to help run things. Feel free to reach out to me on Discord (TheUberSoldier#5163) or on Xbox One (ScarceEquation1).