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I go near a cave and get corrupted, but I kill hundreds of people, and even skin them and harvest their flesh, and I do not get corrupted from that… or do I? What impact on your real world psyche does this game have?


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I was happy when I found a group of npcs around a bonfire near where I spawned, went towards them and got slaughtered.

Conan worlds brutal. Read the journey notes and it explains the psyche of the player character. You get trust into a world where anything and everything wants to murder you so its you or them. There is just no time to think of your actions when you got heavily armed people coming to slaughter you and then skin/eat you. It becomes normal and your reality and thus such action do not faze your character because its… normal in this world. Kind of like you going to the supermarket to get some food.

Thanks… I didn’t really need the explanation, but thanks :slight_smile:

I know there’s a “lore” and context to explain it all. Doesn’t make it any less horrible, though. And a bit funny.


As graphic, and brutal, a game Conan Exiles is, the evils of the characters in it are pretty tame compared to real life’s most monstrous in history. The Hyborian Age, even with supernatural entities of the Lovecraftian variety are nowhere near as disturbing, or impacting, to me as what millions did to millions more during Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ period of mass murder.


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