Observations Post-Patch July 4 2018

So here’s what I’ve noticed so far post-patch on July 4:

  1. Health regen bug seems to be fixed
  2. Bug that removes loading screen prematurely seems to still be present (I actually had not experienced this until after this patch)
  3. Server stats now show as “?/40” and ping “???” for a few seconds before refreshing and showing accurate stats
  4. Server performance improvements/crash fixes/optimizations seem to have improved things a little (i.e. load times, lag, crashes, etc.)
  5. Dodging on the spot bug may not be fixed from what I’ve experienced so far
  6. Weapon display racks seem to work correctly now
  7. In reference to invisible corpses, NPC corpses still disappear/become invisible
  8. A new bug has appeared: I cannot loot items from an NPC corpse using the quick inventory pop-up; I must open the corpse’s inventory and loot from there. This does not seem to happen with objects, crafting benches, etc. (just NPC corpses).

I can also confirm this. However if I use a yog cleaver on the body, once the body is chopped to pieces and the loot bag appears, i can loot the loot bag in the quick menu. It appears to only effect the dead NPC bodies.

Also the game stability seems to have improved… slightly. Instead of crashing after 45 - 60 minutes, I crashed after about 2 hours. During this time I:
Started in the north near the 3 bat caves in the east and ran up to approximately the black keep.

Ran back down towards the bat caves, then west to new asgard.

Crushed all npcs in new asgard.

Ran almost all the way over to the undead mounds.

Ran back east along the border between the north and desert, and crashed half way to the end.

In the process touring the north I purposely ran to every large to ridiculously large player built base I could see (approximately 9 total). I used only maybe get close to 4 very large bases before I would crash.

When I crashed I was near a medium sized base.

My bases were also fine. No issues.

I’m running the game on the original xbox, off the external drive, with a 50 up and 50 down fiber network connection. My NAT reports open.

So what was changed seems to be helping, but funcom, you’re not quite there yet. Please keep it up.

I have the same issue looting corpses but usually just harvest the body and then pick what i want from the bag left on the ground.