Obsessed with Cooking

I don’t know why, but I simply must learn every food and drink recipe, then subsequently make each and every dish. I’ll even go out of my way to get named cooks giving them each their own ‘specialty’. Even with the perks and benefits taken out, I just have to utilize this piece of the game. Hopefully they’ll give it some more meaning down the road.


Yes, hopefully.
I don’t care if they get rid of any way of food healing, but giving it a bigger purpose would be ideal. i can think of these:

  • Better foods for thralls to get better results than gruel
  • Various buffs to the player stats
  • Even a whole nutrimental value system would be amazing.

For now,it’s just for RP and flavor :^)


I also have an obsession with food and drinks, but mostly the drinks :grin:
I always make an inn/bar using a bearer thrall as waiter having the drinks in her inventory… long story short… I like to get drunk after a good adventure, and better yet with a couple of friends, it kinda adds to the social aspect in a relaxed and fun way :crazy_face:


The Mrs has them all, do to the updates and new game experience, they dont do what they used to.

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