Obsidian no longer makes any sense - its not viable for use as tools or weapons

not true my hardened steel picks are way easier to maintain and do not take as much time to maintain. They also were more durable. So I guess taking a slight hit on resource gathering is what I have to put up with. Obsidian was always less durable than hardened when it came to gathering.

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I said they are now the same durability as Star Metal and Acheronian tools. 650 durability. Only new Obsidian tools will show the new durability value.

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apologies I read it wrong. Well this sucks then if you have to retool but its still a heavy cost to maintain compared to other tools with having to run to that forge battle it out and then waste time having to make composite is too much,

Having hard time understanding why it as so hard to go in and change the durability numbers on the old stuff players already had. What’s up with that? That line item so hard to find?

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So right now everything obsidian can be crafted ONLY at the obsidian forge? :thinking:

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No, only a piece of the required materials needs to be crafted there. Obsidian can be crafted anywhere else.

you can craft the weapons and items at your table but you need the forge to make composite obsidian which takes 5 obsidian and 1 steel to make i bar of composite obsidian.

Composite obsidian bars take 10 seconds to forge in the volcano per bar. This means it takes you 15 to 16 minutes to forge 100 bars and you will have to fight a re-spawn at least once per 100 bar forge. we did 160 bars and had to do two re spawns in that time it took to forge 160 obsidian bars.

so 15 minutes per 100 bars and having to waste time clearing.

Did a test with new durability of the obsidian picks with T3 tool enhancements against the hardened steel ones with a t3 tool enhancements. The hardened steel one is easier to maintain and you get similar numbers mining ore almost. Obsidian seems to only get one more per strike on average. For some reason the hardened steel seemed to last longer.

The acheron pick with enhancements brought in 400 more ore over the obsidian pick even with it having less durability.

in the end it takes 3 shaped wood and 15 composite obsidian to repair a pick fully and a hardened and acheron pick each cost 15 hard steel and 3 shaped wood to repair.

The time consumption on gathering materials to be able to repair is ridiculous for the obsidian pick. They killed it like they killed the black ice pick.

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I will never understand why people don’t use the master repair kit to repair their tools …

BTW. You guys should also check the harvest damage for each tools (if they didn’t change it). For each tool there is a specific best material.


They are adding in a lot of hamburger helper in this game to keep us going.
Its not just obsidian they are padding out.
They refuse to drop the cost of t3 stone building as well.

Now it will take even longer to mine the 150 stone per foundation you need.

Use a legendary blacksmith to repair it. Costs 7 bars. Considering a guy can clear New Asagarth and surrounding areas in about 20-25 mins to get 300-400 steel, run to the volcano, smacking all the obsidian along the way, then go to the forge…about 30-40 mins later and you have enough composite obsidian to last you for a long time…

Yeah, its not hard.

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I agree with this. Especially because other poeple can interact with the forge aswell and steal the stuff, and player has to watch for respawns.

Tedium itself is not a good ingredient to include in materials


At the very least speed the crafting up…please…I can deal with the other stuff…sheesh

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We just crafted 400 bars of composite obsidian…
That was fun.
OP is correct 10 seconds per bar = almost 17 minutes per 100.

So close to 70 minutes of action packed depression and near starvation and thirst with them whacky consumable timers.

Had 5 respawns of the big fight while waiting… Well if the boss didn’t glitch into something, maybe the stairs?, during the first fight. Which made it extra thrilling.

All we had to keep us entertained was the 16 minute respawn of the 3 serpentman guards. The NPC followers wouldn’t even attack us.

The only other thing we had to entertain us was the logging off and on to try to get the forge to display the progress.

Funcom, please for the love of crom make it craft quicker, or give us something to do while we wait.
I don’t know…
Some sort of serpmentman follower orgy or something


so 65 minutes of game play for 400 composite of which you can chew through 100 gathering ore and rocks in no time.

Yeah its not that hard staying on a gerbil wheel I guess racing for mats and loosing game time you could be doing something that might be a little more entertaining than whacking rocks for an hour,

Ok I guess you must have signed up for the gathering part of the game and it suits you to waste your time.

They should really move the composite bar crafting to a normal blacksmithing station and only make you go there to craft the actual weapons.

Make the composite bar recipe only available after you learn the recipes to craft the weapons and that’s all.

I suppose they did it this way because that item should technically be crafted on a furnace, but furnaces have no recipe list. Just put it in the blacksmith and be done with it.

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As I’m reading this thread I get utterly confused. Repair cost to high and then you start mention

Why don’t you use Weapon Repair Kit for a few steel bars?


I built a base in the highlands just to harvest the obsidian and to be fair it was just to easy. But I do think like others have said just don’t make us go to the forge to make them or atleast speed up the timer on making the composite.

I don’t mind the costs , I will only use the composite on my weapons , I will use the Acheronian tools , just wish they would add the rest of the tools.

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OP, your best bet now is to not use Obsidian but switch to Acheronian and use master repair kits.

yeah I get that.

Sadly they killed the black ice pick and now we get the same kill off with obsidian picks. It was working fine the way it was.

I would even have tolerated composite demanded for weapons forged and then repaired normally like other equal tier crap. This running into forge to maintain stock is just ridiculous.

What was done to silent legion armor after they nerfed armor rating is also silly too.

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Last night I cleared the brimstone off the salt flats with a newly made obsidian pick. Got about 97-9800 brimstone, and used less then half durability on the pick. So, one can assume that if you were to use the whole pick, you would be in that 20K range .

7 bars (to repair) = 20k mineral (stone, iron, brimstone) , 400 total bars to repair = 57 repair jobs x 20k mineral = 1.14 million resources.

Now, Im aware that you may not get that much, so lets knock 25% off even though that is way more then I think I should, still leaves 885,000 mineral.

Yeah…850K to 1.14M resources for an hour of farming composite obsidian? Worth the time in my mind.

(PS you knew that obsidian picks made after the patch have more durability right? 650 without the kit, and 487.5 with the kit).

The real issue here is that people DONT want to invest time in farming. They want end game levels of materials in one night. Where is the fun in that?


Armor rating on Silent Legion is only nerfed if you used the armor weight reduction kits. Use the thick armor plating and the rating is still that 900 range, depending on your agility stat.