Obsidian no longer makes any sense - its not viable for use as tools or weapons

As I’m reading this thread I get utterly confused. Repair cost to high and then you start mention

Why don’t you use Weapon Repair Kit for a few steel bars?


I built a base in the highlands just to harvest the obsidian and to be fair it was just to easy. But I do think like others have said just don’t make us go to the forge to make them or atleast speed up the timer on making the composite.

I don’t mind the costs , I will only use the composite on my weapons , I will use the Acheronian tools , just wish they would add the rest of the tools.

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OP, your best bet now is to not use Obsidian but switch to Acheronian and use master repair kits.

yeah I get that.

Sadly they killed the black ice pick and now we get the same kill off with obsidian picks. It was working fine the way it was.

I would even have tolerated composite demanded for weapons forged and then repaired normally like other equal tier crap. This running into forge to maintain stock is just ridiculous.

What was done to silent legion armor after they nerfed armor rating is also silly too.

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Last night I cleared the brimstone off the salt flats with a newly made obsidian pick. Got about 97-9800 brimstone, and used less then half durability on the pick. So, one can assume that if you were to use the whole pick, you would be in that 20K range .

7 bars (to repair) = 20k mineral (stone, iron, brimstone) , 400 total bars to repair = 57 repair jobs x 20k mineral = 1.14 million resources.

Now, Im aware that you may not get that much, so lets knock 25% off even though that is way more then I think I should, still leaves 885,000 mineral.

Yeah…850K to 1.14M resources for an hour of farming composite obsidian? Worth the time in my mind.

(PS you knew that obsidian picks made after the patch have more durability right? 650 without the kit, and 487.5 with the kit).

The real issue here is that people DONT want to invest time in farming. They want end game levels of materials in one night. Where is the fun in that?


Armor rating on Silent Legion is only nerfed if you used the armor weight reduction kits. Use the thick armor plating and the rating is still that 900 range, depending on your agility stat.

The problem is NOT the time to farm them, but the time to CRAFT Composite Obsidian, since it is time during which you can’t do anything else.
You just stand there and watch the timers.
Pretty interesting

Silent Legion without Weight Reduction Kit is now 720 Armor, previously 880(?).
That is a nerf.
Doesn’t matter if you can bump it up to previous stats, since you have to spent resources to get the pre-patch base stats, that you could have spent differently or with a “better effect” before


Not every aspect of the game needs to be grindy or overly convoluted.

Having reliable and maintainable tools is a pretty basic and fundamental part of the game.

Good point.

But, when you get those tools, and a few stacks of obsidian, like I illustrated above, you can farm enough mats for a massive base, or piles of explosives. More then you need for one base. So again, a few hours to gather mats that will last for a week of farming… thats balanced.

Dont be afraid guys, to get your hands a little dirty with some work. Its fun.

Its not dirty work its a waste of time.


As I type this my character is sitting at the furnace waiting for bars to craft while I watch youtube videos… Y’now. Instead of playing the game.


If you live near the volcano, or maybe in the North I can see maybe using obsidian at all. Truly in PVP you’re not going to waste time on glass weapons, so why would you want to carry another type of bar around just for your pick or skinner?

Yep. I switched because of this

I made 500 composites, by leaving 500 steel in the forge, then grindign out more obsidian outside between 2AM and 3AM (poeple least likely to do volcano at this time of the day).

I knock out the guards and tow them to the ledge behind the entrance so I don’t have to worry about them until server reset.

I do other stuff meanwhile, as the composite cooks… i come back an hour later and pick up my composites. then go to sleep at 3:30am.

It’s kinda fun, but real bad game design if you need to use RL time meta.


OK I actually love this. Just not for PVP, unless real players are sleeping one off too! :wink:

It’s a lot like the Frost Temple, except there I get showered with hardened steel picks in the process. Also there, if you keep a few big dudes alive they can alert you to other players’ approach. I suppose it’s just a matter of adjusting. You might just’ve given me a reason to try – I’m playing 1X Vanilla now – didn’t seem worth it.


Personally, I’ll stick with hardened steel tools and advanced tool upgrades. It’s just easier to deal with and losing a few mats per hit ain’t worth cryin about to me. I mean all that time you spend running up to that volcano could be spent gathering resources so to me you are losing out on way more gathering so to me it just ain’t worth it.

It’s all an illusion for suckers to make you think you are getting more but in the long run you just ain’t.
That’s my opinion anyways. Take it or leave it, I don’t care…lol.

Simple fix for this all is to let players smelt composite obsidian in their own forges but you have to craft the weapons or tools in the volcanic forge.


Or maybe people do not want to go to the volcano so often. I want to go just the once and never again.

I do this kind of AFK stuff when I am waiting for heals as a low level attempting to upgrade to iron.
I think it is difficult to gain sympathy unless the other soul have actually been there: done that.

This. I very much agree with. .

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