Obtaining Thralls idea / Question

Why can’t we tie a thrall to the Horse / Rhino after getting the thrall on the rope and then ride with it ? Or you could have a cage wagon where you can bring thralls to a wheel also?

Try MOD: better thralls

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You can use bindings while riding a horse.

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:thinking: Getting the bat to fly the thrall to the base while you stay and do other things.:+1:

I’ve probably got more T4 thralls, both combat and crafter doing Leyshrine summons than by any other method. This was only amplified when I dropped a sorcery portal as close to the Leyshrine as possible and another at a Wheel of Pain farm.

I can fill up 4 Greater Wheels of Pain in about 3 hours.

That’s only siptah though. Surges would be cool on EL, but that’s probably not gonna happen any time soon.

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