Obvious Leaderboard Cheating


Last night we noticed there were players who keyboard turn with KDs between 25 and 182.0 who we have never seen in world PvP. A notable case is the PoM in [guild removed by moderator] with a KD of 182 and 800 kills 4 hours after the 69 level bracket opened. Is FunCom looking into this?

Another example is [name removed by moderator] (25.0 KD) who we caught killing an alt account in Kush over and over with his guild. We proceeded to kill him to lower the KD, but the fact that people are bottimg and killing alts to get on the leaderboard is just sad and goes against what the Saga is supposed to be about- PvP.

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We have ways of blacklisting people from the leaderboards. If people are caught trying to pad their numbers they’ll be removed entirely. This will also disqualify them from any leaderboard related rewards.

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That poor boy is gonna have to bot a lot to bring his k/d back to 25 from 13.

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I guarantee everyone in the top 20 on the kdr lists is farming alts.


Either that or you have the boys (and girls) who will literally only pvp (looking at BLR and beetchass night watch) when they are surrounded by an allied raid.

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Thanks for the reply. Great work with Saga so far. Have another shot on me.

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i guess you are 1 of the alts we are farming :slight_smile:

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I haven’t seen the Osid Botting Denial strategy put into practical use in roughly a decade. Wow. Talk about blast from the past.

THat is a NICE donkey Kong you got there

Cool story like I always say

Styggaboy got mad after getting farmed with even numbers ?))

Are you talking about me?
I don’t keyboard turn…

im in BLR and i fight solo/group/raid 1v1 or 1vAnyone red . i stopped caring about my k/d back on cimmeria when it was visible to everyone.

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Coming from the dude who put an alt in our guild to fleece new players? Classy…

I’m a big fan of Vic!

325 kills and 0 deaths… That looks legit to me.

Bound to happen with leaderboards. Shouldn’t surprise anyone and you shouldn’t care too much. FC’s team is tiny and it’s gonna be hard to police those clowns.

Just don’t care about stats too much and make fun of them in public instead (in game I mean, can’t name them on the forums). And farm them every chance you get, of course :slight_smile: