[OC] DarkStars Gaming-The AoC Mods|5x All|No Wipe

Welcome to DarkStars Gaming Conan Exiles community

"Oceania Region Server"


  • Australia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Japan

Server name : DarkStars Gaming-The AoC Mods|5x All|No Wipe

Server IP :

Beside the original PvE & AoC mod, we combine:

  • Reward-giving QUESTS around the map!
  • Starter KITS (type /kit to receive)
  • In-game ECONOMY which can be use at NPCs automated MARKET, as well as Donators Lounge & marriage chapel!
  • Casino blackjack & gambling with gold winnings for in-game use.

Our Mods Included:

-LitMan Item Stack
-Pippi-User & Server Management
-Hosav’s Custom UI Mod
-Improved Quality of Life
-Kerozards Paragon Leveling
-Less Building Placement Restrictions
-Fashionist v3.2.1 (DLC compatible)
-Warrior mutator
-Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal
-The Age of Calamitous

(Donations are rewarded with in-game golds, role tag)
Server time (Sydney)

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This is a very nice setting server.