Oceana Servers need to change shutdown time

The Oceana servers are being hit with ridiculous shutdown times during pvp and exactly at the end of pvp I am concerned funcom just isn’t caring about our experience playing pvp servers grated there are only 4 servers but when you are raiding up until end of raid time how are you supposed to have time to get back to your vase after with your spoils of battle the time need to be change at least 30 minutes to 1 hour forwards to give people time once raid time has ended


They reset at like 5.15AM wtf are you on about.

I don’t know about xbox but on pc we are getting 2 shutdowns a day.
The one you are talking about in the morning and 1 at 11pm aest every night.

Not a big issue on pve as purge (If this mythical event still exists) hours finish at 10pm.
But i believe raids end at 11pm.


I agree with this, the server shuts down at 11pm aest - way too early.

Our server is a friendly one - we like to help new players and go on group dungeon crawls/adventures. It’s too risky to start anything big after 10pm, causing players to opt out. It breaks up the flow of game play.

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