Oceania PVP server - Zynarus Rising

Zynarus Rising FRESH WIPE 24/5 PVP 3 x base xp X10 X5 PIPP

Recently wiped! 24th May. Australia/New Zealand (Au/Nz, Oceania) (
Raid times 5pm - 11pm week days, 3pm - 1am weekends
No gods/bubbles
x5 XP, x10 Harvest
fast crafting/conversion
no building decay

***** Note this server sometimes shows up as PvE on the connection page, but it is definitely PvP!!! If you can’t find it use direct connect (IP/port above)*****

The full mod list is:
Age of Calamitous
Savage Steel
Improved QoL
Skelos (Warrior Mutator)
Better Thralls
Slightly Less Thrall Placement
Exiled Lands Improved

Tavern with player traders set up. Heaps of Admin created NPC camps with awesome loot! Weekly events will be held.
Friendly, active admin. Everyone welcome!