[Oceanic] Dark Soul Gaming [3x(XP), 2x(Har)] 4/7/19

Welcome to server!
Connection Info:
Server Name: [Oceanic] Dark Soul Gaming [3x(XP),2x(Har)] 4/7/18
Region: Oceanic

AUS Host: Kyles528
NZ Admin: Tempertibbs

Server Description: This server 3x(XP), 2x(Har) rate, Combat PVP enabled at all times and building PVP restricted to certain times.

What server will offer

  • Weekly events,
  • Daily back ups
  • Active Host/Admin with strong support
  • Open poles with 75% rate for any changes to be made
  • Server Size will increase as more players come. Also, will pay for server upgrades if required

Mod list is as follows
-Pippi - User & Server Management
-The Age of Calamitous

Any questions, please swing me a question anytime.