(Oceanic PvP Exiled Lands Server) Age of Sorcery:3xBoosted/PvP Weekends/Events!

Server name is: Age of Sorcery:3xBoosted/PvP Weekends/Events!
Discord is: Age of Sorcery

[PS4/5] With the issues currently plaguing official servers, raiding hours are temporarily suspended here until a fix is presented, however in the meantime we do offer a slightly boosted server here where you can still build your clan/base/resources up while also having access to additional benefits!

  • Only slightly boosted rates. (x3)
  • Crafting and thrall conversion times have been halved.
  • Raid windows are (currently suspended until a fix is presented, otherwise the usual times are…) Saturday-Monday (8pm-Midnight NZ time, 6pm-10pm AUS time).
  • Loot-drop only enabled during raiding hours.
  • Off-line raiding is allowed, however we also offer…
  • An unlockable banking system to safely store loot.
  • Non-toxic community.
  • Regular admin events (FOB’s/Shop/Obstacle Course/Maze/Scavenger Hunt and more!)

Let me know if you have any questions! Cheers!
Server name is: Age of Sorcery:3xBoosted/PvP Weekends/Events!
Discord is: Age of Sorcery


Congratulations for getting your server set up Good luck :+1:


Thanks! So far so good, now just need the players haha :sweat_smile:


I am sure you will find them. Years ago I played with a woman from Oceania who was in her 70,s met her from some one from Australia. Small world :earth_americas:.

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Numbers are admittedly still low at these early stages, this would be a good time to take advantage and set yourself up nicely without the threat of “alpha” clans… also BUMP!

Currently at three active members with a few others jumping in and out casually, a welcome center with starter kits has been setup as well as an Arena and a maze, an obstacle course is currently in the works… also BUMP!

Shoutout to @MrTriggers for this incredible shot.

(it ain’t me, but made me stupidly happy to see someone putting sorcery to good use when ends pics went up in Discord)

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Haha! Cheers for the shoutout, I’m looking forward to getting some more shots from future FOB/Events!

Bumping to announce that for the meantime we have temporarily suspended raiding hours until a patch has been dropped to fix the current issues plaguing the servers.