Octagon Of Pain

A Thunderdome like structure based on the Wheel of Pain logic to train your fresh captives as they are being converted into loyal Thralls

Boot Camp of Pain mod - Conan Exiles




Can you make more themic style… like maybe education theme in aqualion … or a more stygian torturous style… perhaps a mitran way to have them worshiping altar style.

Maybe have grueling working type breaking like cleaning a dump style.

Or maybe a yoggite way forcing eating manflesh style or being tenacled by a yog tendrils …

Or have a thundrome style but fighting against beast for rights of becoming a beast tribe thralled…

I could go on etc


…sorry, couldn’t help myself. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for all suggestions, I don’t play at all, so I was not really awayre of all these, but from the beginning, my intentions were to add some kind of school class with a taskmaster teaching philosophical stuffs, and I just figured out how to implement infinite random animation. So this should be next on my list.

Do you remember that when we first spoke about modding, I was just starting to learn how to change music…Never thought I would go so far

i remember that :stuck_out_tongue: , still it shows how far you come along figuring out and tinkering. It does brighten my day when i see people that still has that passionate in their eyes. By the why did you ever implement that music mod , or has you just switch focus for now ?

The music mod is indeed my first achievement and is available here as

This is just a collection of epic soundtrack for exploration and combat per biomes or per enemy level of difficulty

But so far, I have not started yet to compose any home made song for this game, which was my initial purpose. I got lost along the way :slight_smile: Perhaps I will start when this game will be upgraded on UE5, who knows!

By the way, I am releasing the Sawmill of pain this week-end. I still have a few props and more random animations to add.

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ooooo yes yes yes , love it though id would try to limit the resource generation or give a fuel type so that its not infinite. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is very limited, don’t expect to build things with that. It is just that I feel it is stupid to not exploit captives while they are supposed to work for you.and it only works if you have captive inside it.

Looks really good I’m all for anything that can add more life to my camps☺️

I’m currently rebuilding my large pirate ship that I used on Siptah in the exiled lands specifically to represent a slaver ship and I’m thinking of using this mod and your training octagon mod on my ship for some pirate persuasion hehe.
The cross looks good but for some reason it pours out behind the captive not sure if it’s intentional but would you consider making one without the bucket or maybe a thrall tyed to a piller that would be cool. Again thanks for the awesome mod I appreciate it.:+1:t2:

Hi Deamo.
Thank you for your feedback.
The Octagon might be a little too big for your ship, but I will make a smaller version where only one thrall fight against a taskmaster.

As for the cross, I didn’t know what I was doing by the time I made as everything I do in general, but now that this is clearer to me, it should easy to fix. I just miss free time.

Maybe we were on discussions on some other forums, but if not, as a coincidene, some people were in need of more emotes for ship stuffs, so I made a few.

I still have to update the mod, but here is a preview.

Anyway, I have plenty of ideas in mind for captives, I just need to find time to implement them


New sneak peek here

youtube video