Odd Typing bug in chat window - repeatinng erased text regardless of keys typed

Anyone else ever see this? Both myself and my cousin have had it happen. You start typing something, decide to rewrite it, back space over it, then type something completely new, yet regardless of the letters you are typing, the old erased message comes back, a letter at a time. So completely bizarre. Never seen something like this before in any game.

Logging out and back is a quick fix. Not a game breaking bug

Yes, several mods in use on my dedicated testlive server, so it could be just localized to me, which is why I ask if anyone else has experienced it.

I see this all the time, but from a completely different angle. In the dev kit.

In the area of the dev kit where you fill out information for posting the mod to steam (description, title, etc), I get this all the time. I learned that after I backspace, to just keep typing and then it will “refresh” with the current letters. Not sure if it’s the same as the chat window in-game though.

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It will retype all of the erased (backspaced) original message, then when that is complete, the keys start typing what is printed on the keys, but if I then backspace over it again, it wants to only print out that same darn original message. I could not get rid of it without a relog

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