Of doors, windows and items to renew


I already wrote in other post my opinion about to be able to build arched doorways and windows like in a medieval european castle. I see the Silent Legion armours and they don´t fit to me in a so basic architecture, they´re more like medieval knights, and, why not to say it?, the actual windos and doors are ugly xD
It is more realistic to build arches with stone doorways than squarer stone doorways. With the wood I don´t have that problem. It is logic like it is now.

Besides this, I wanted to propose something more. We love to have more diferent build styles… but the drawing bridges and the elevators could be upgraded too. Did you try to build an elevator within an aquilonian style castle? or to place a drawbridge in it? they look ugly, because they where designed thinking in the T1, T2 or T3 styles, not the lastest ones. It could be nice to have another model of drawbridge and elevators to fit a more modern style or a luxuryer one. There are some items that they´re suppossed to advance too with the time like the build styles…

I know there are a lot of things more to fix and implement before, but I think that this could be made in not much time or effort.

What do you think? Personaly I would love to build a medieval style castle!!!


Yes, those elevators look good only with sandstone structures, and so do drawbridges. More of it, I think we need some T2 and T3 elevators which could be stopped midway on every floor, and they MUST have an option to lock them from strangers just like chests. Taking elevators off every time you log out is no fun.


it sounds well too. Maybe having a key in the inventory, a guild key or something like that. To upgrade the elevators to stop in every floor it could be something very helpfull. It´s a crap to have three floors and to have to put two elevators (with the ugly that they are xD).

Anyway, I usually use the elevators past the first defences, or try so. To use a horizontal elevator can be used with the defenses to have the enemy well localized too, you know they have to use the elevator and you can trap them.

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Sure. But given the level of freedom we have with building options in Conan, just what constitutes a “floor to stop at” is not at all easy to determine automatically, whereas it’s very easy for a human to tell.

Example: some people build “floors” one wall high. Others build them two, or three, or more. It probably varies over the height of the elevator too.

Another example: I have an elevator that has “ceiling pieces” on the side of it every two “wall heights” or so. But those are just there to hold torches - I wouldn’t want the elevator to stop at every one of those on the way up.


yes… good point that one. it could be difficult to program something like that.
Maybe they can make another elevator type, one that stops every 2 highs or something like that, then you only have to make the floors acordind to that. I don´t think much people build just with one high, it´s very bothering with the cameras (I personally made it a very very few times).

I don´t know, perhaps we can leave the elevators as they are xD but a change of look could be nice

Elevators can go through hatch frames, so just have them stop on each hatch frame.

turn the one lever on an elevator into two (up,down)

make the pull chain at the door be a summon elevator chain.


Someone made one mod (now abandoned) for such an elevator. You had to put special frames looking like hatch frames, but with chains to call your elevator, and they counted for “floors”. There were some bugs in this mod but not critical ones.

Yeah that’s not a bad idea at all. Though it’s another thing that has to be conceived - designed - programmed (implemented) - tested and so forth. My point wasn’t so much that it’s impossible - few things are - but that it’s more work than it might sound like to get “elevators that stop at floors”.

I’m all for NEW windows with glass and doorways! Double doors, gates, gates as windows, grates on the ceiling, archways, skylights, ceiling windows with glass, and the like. Non DLC Tier1-Tier3 too would be nice!

Here’s another thread with similar ideas :point_right: Arched doorways / arched supports

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