Off line raiding

Game mode:Official
Problem: Raid settings broke

Funcom announced new raid protection that would protect offline players from being raided 30 mins after they log off with also having a free non-raid day (I believe Sunday)
This does not work. Players can still raid you if you are offline all day. We came on after being gone all day to find our base wiped but a group of exploiters. I would love if this was fixed and actually raid rules that were said to be in effect actually were

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Stay offline for a day
  2. have someone blow your stuff in while you are offline
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Just asking a question. Has that been implemented for Ps4 or part of PC patch .

Hi @Visago, this new feature was temporarily available on PC Official servers, but due to community feedback and a few issues that came up it was disabled so that it can be revisited in the future.

To further clarify, the feature is not currently available for console servers at all, at least until the Isle of Siptah parity patch is released.


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