"offenses at play"

Hello, i have a question. On our server there are some peoples that talk to us with heavy offenses and dirty language in the global chat. there is somone to talk about that or a game admin/moderator that can do something? i have some screenshot to prove it. thank you


Offical Servers are not moderated.

but i have buyed the game for play not for getting offended.

Well your options are the following:

  1. Grow a thicker skin
  2. Disable the chat (Ctrl+T)
  3. Play on an unoffical server (stuff like that will is quickly dealt with on those)

How irreparably weak this generation is …
Some random words from a random dude you have never seen and never will hold the power to offend you?

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@Solry yea definitely right…it tends to be the norm nowadays.Most of these scumbags who say crap in a video game would never say it to anyone’s face in real life…need to think of it that way and just ignore it or tell them to f.u.c.k. off. I have and they usually s.t.f.u…Its an adult game and you need to remember that.Adults either bust your azz for being a jerk or they ignore you…if its pvp kill them over and over,if your out numbered,leave the server or do your best against them,or ignore them…pve ignore them or leave…funcom will do nothing and they shouldn’t really,its an adult game.

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