Offical 1774 unable to get under 200 ping now!

So I used to have no problem getting on to 1774, my ping would be in the 120-130 range, now ever since the patch/ update. My pic is over 200 all the time the lowest I could get my ping to after rebooting everything (PC, router, Modem) my ping is in the 230 range. What changed with the server or did it move some where. I can no longer play on the server I have invested 100’s of hours playing on and built on. PLEASE FIX this as I never had an issue till this update came out. Funcom you are no not fun and seem like a con now. Please ASSIST!

Use direct connect until a better solution is found:

get server timeout erro could not find server, have ip for 1774 as

I’ve been getting excellent pings by adding a filter for favourites only before the server list gets populated.

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