Offical 1974 unplayable

4 server crashes in a row, there is a group of hackers going nuts on the server and talking to the other players in the short minute it doesnt crash, its been going on for over a week. Does Funcom do anything or is it best just to give up on the game?


Can vouch for him, Chinese have been meshing, crashing and getting maxed attributes for over a week. I have reported this through the proper way ( direct message community) and given video and photo evidence of their meshing, Admins have done nothing for over a week while the server is been wrecked. Just getting worse but the devs/admins don’t do anything. No wonder the game is dying. P.S try not to neck one while waiting for funcom to do something

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I wonder if they’re the group who were doing the same on 6401 siptah (also Aussie)

They’ve only just stopped by the looks after someone had to go into the mesh to destroy their base. They were stat stacking, duping, crashing the server continually. They’ve stopped in the past few days and I suspect are on 74 now

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Unfortunately the admins are backed up and it will take a while for them to get back to you. Ive sent in 6154 and 6103 and it took around 2 to 3 weeks. Even then they buy new steam accounts and just buy the game again kind of no use honestly. Its best to cut ties now and move on to a private server. I just joined one its pretty good and has DBD on it. Here is the discord and IP: Good luck officials are toast these days.

1974 is an Australian server, the only official with decent population. All the community ones are either 200-500 ping for us as the game is dying and there are not as many AUS/NZ players. I mean Funcom could just fix the meshing properly, fix the server crashing bug as it is actually super easy to do as it is an in game mechanic causing it. By doing that the attribute bug will also be fixed. So yeah by that point only actual hackers such as ESP or movement will be left. But they seem to have 0 idea how to fix anything. Stupid under mesh patch didn’t do shiit in many locations which have been known for over 3 years


Also the server is already dying due to it been down constantly. Think we will just stop playing. So glad I never bought any dlc for this trash game

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Can confirm also, i only recently started playing a couple weeks ago. Was really enjoying myself and now the server is completely unplayable for the last couple of days due to them ddossing the server. I spent over 2 hours last night trying to get back to my body with dropped loot and then back to my base so i could head to bed. Booted 10 times, 10 minute wait between coming back up, walking another 30 seconds, booted again. Was absolutely infuriating.

Devs please get onto this ASAP, its one of the most populated Oceanic servers and your going to lose a lot of players. Easiest solution is open up a few chinese servers so they can play amongst themselves, im not racist and i understand these hackers have been brought up in a way they must win at all costs but if that is there playstyle and funcom cant keep on top of moderating the servers simply force them to play amongst themselves its ruining the game for everyone else.

This is honestly the easiest solution to this problem, us Aussies always get lumped with this on survival games.

I don’t think opening Chinese servers is the solution. THey specifically come here because they only aim to cause trouble. The mainland needs to be bloody banned from playing here

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I mean just lower the max server ping to 100-150. no more Chinese then


I believe it is limited but that can get around it with direct connect.

Yes you would also need to lower ping as well as open servers for them but yeah might need some kind of VPN blocker because u can trick the game into thinking you have a lower ping.

Yeah right, strewttth not fun. They ahve bought new accounts and are posing as russian now after their ban lol

Its slowed down a tiny bit but they are still doing. I just cant be bothered playing at the moment because i dont want to get stuck out in the middle of nowhere when server keeps going down. Devs please do something about it!

ONE YEAR ago I told funcom they should give us all FULL attris until they could fix this gamebreaker.

@oh ye im a real pvper with cheat [email protected] then brag in chat, pathetic…

well if you wana fast reply just put some funcom id in the topick:) i report similar issue on eu server and for a week no response from funcom but when i post 2 funcom id of guys that are 100 responsible for server dc 12 hours later mods respond with closing the topick cuz i show someones id xD well gj mods.

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The Moderators are not game developers, thats why they are called “Moderators”. FC sets the TOS for the forum and they are required to enforce it. Why lash out at people that have nothing to do with servers crashing, undermeshing, and cheating?
Maybe take the 10 minutes it takes to actually read the Terms of Service?

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Yep that’s what I do and get warn everytime not to do it xD

This is still happening, please come and get rid of them again

server being crashed non stop now, every day.

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