Offical server 1504 changed to pacific? wtf

just logged into offical server 1504 tonight and found it has been moved from eastern to pacific? it has been eastern since launch. And now it is moved to pacific and my ping if over 1000 because of it. what gives Funcom?


Come on Funcom please tell us you didn’t switch us from an east coast server to a pacific permanently? This is unacceptable. We chose east coast because well we’re on the east coast. We can’t even play right now because the ping is so high. Please tell me this is just temporary and you will fix this. We’ve got hundreds of hours on this server already and to flip us to a different time zone like this is not right.

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This is my server as well the lag is absolutely absurd now. Funcom this is not your first multiplayer game, get a grip.


another 1504 server player reporting in here. Over 200 hours on this server and you guys pull this stunt? This better be temporary because of a hardware malfunction. Because if this for some reason is intentional you are %@W%#E@ your players over. None of us can play now, everyone is over 1k ping, and nothing works.


It would be better to be taking that issue up with GPortal (your server host).
From some of the stuff I’ve been reading, somebody is pulling their hair out in GPortal or pulling somebody else’s hair out.

Vahlok this is on an official server, so it’s Funcom that hopefully addresses this issue and makes it right even if it’s a GPortal problem.

I understand that. It’s just that the problem is being caused at the server host level and it seems to be affecting more servers than we realize. It isn’t FunCom’s fault that it’s happening so I’m just saying to some folks don’t blame them.
There should be ways to contact the host provider directly about this.
FC should contact them, yes. But I don’t know what they can do except keep us informed on what’s going on.

Gportal will only report to the server administrators which is Funcom. Only Funcom can fix this.

We’ve double checked all the servers people have asked us about and reset them to the correct time zone. The change will take effect when the servers restart. We didn’t do this intentionally (if we had we would have told you), so we’re going to do some digging to see what caused this change in the servers.

That is only half the problem, since yesterday and the time change the server performance has been horrible. It is acting like it really did move to the west coast. ping times are over 1000 with 20 people online and server FPS is 1-2.

Please have them check it again, the ping is horrible still on official 1504 server. The problem has not been fixed. Thanks much.

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That sounds like although the time was set correctly, the actual server location is what’s causing the high ping discrepancy.

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