Offical server issue - My base and thralls take 5 minutes to load

My offical Eu PvE server is currently standing at 35/40 players and the lag is just awful.

After a number of failed attepts of logging in due to high ping, when I finally get on, my base, thralls and inventory take around 5 mins in total to load. Then when i am trying to do stuff i am rubberbanding like mad.

I understand there has been a free week and a massive flux of new players have joined, but it is now obvious, these servers are simply not designed to cater for more than 30 players. Either reduce the cap or invest in better servers (yes GPortal I am pointing at you —> )

My game tends to gt unplayable; for me, at about 25-30 on and a severer ping in excess of 300.
I can not fight enemies that are not where I see and attack them, but they can certainly hit me from a block away.

I log in to game and go run my mouth on the discord waiting for my game to load enough to play. Ya, 5 minutes sounds right.